Can a lawyer beat your New Jersey traffic ticket?

Our Firm boasts a 99-percent success rate at reducing or keeping points off our clients’ driving records, whether they’re guilty or not. The key, is a savvy staff that screens cases and knows where preparation time is best spent. We know the steps required to beat your NJ traffic ticket!

Like most traffic attorneys in NJ, our Firm has no interest whatsoever in whether you’re innocent or guilty. For a traffic attorney, it is far more important to know who ticketed you and where. That determines the court in which your case will be called and the result we are capable of ascertaining.

In the smaller jurisdictions, most of their officers appear when you set a case for trial and we have to work extra hard to achieve the results we boast. In larger cities, it is much more likely that the case will be dismissed or the officer won’t show up.

Each county is different; for some counties, mistakes don’t matter to them — if you’ve got a ticket, you’ve got to deal with it.

In our Firm, we do not spend a lot of time arguing whether or not our clients are guilty. Instead, if there are not triable issues, our Firm works with the judge and prosecutor in a friendly adversarial manner to determine and ascertain the best results for your traffic ticket.

Our New Jersey Traffic lawyers know the players, the economic directives, the ever-changing laws and the processes by which cases get resolved in the local traffic courts. A case may be dismissed outright if the issuing officer doesn’t show up as complaining witness. Or it may be bargained into dismissal in exchange for pleas on other nonmoving violations. Or they may be dismissed after an unsupervised probationary period, but you’ll have to pay all or part of the fine.

The point is, even if you end up paying a fine, your case won’t be recorded. This means, no points on your license, and cheaper insurance premiums.

Beat your NJ traffic tickets and reduce your traffic points. Contact our office and speak to our New Jersey Traffic Lawyers to receive the best results for your NJ traffic ticket.

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