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Uninsured Driver or Driving Without Insurance

If you have been charged for driving with no insurance in New Jersey, we can help! Uninsured motorist 39:6B-2 is a serious charge and carries severe penalties. Our objective is always to win your case or at the very least reduce the charge to a minor violation.

The state of New Jersey requires ALL drivers to have insurance. For a first offense, the driver may have to pay over $1000 fine and do community service.

All vehicles that are registered in NJ are required to have liability insurance. The responsibility to insure a vehicle falls on either the owner of the vehicle, or the person who holds title to the vehicle. The minimum amount of insurance that a driver must have liability, which is $15,000 for the injury or death of one person, $30,000 for the death or injury of more than one person, and $5,000 for damage to property. Note: These are minimum amounts and we recommend insuring for higher amounts when possible.

A driver faces escalating penalties for a NO Insurance Violation. In other words, if the driver has been convicted of driving while uninsured multiple times then the penalties and fees increase. If a driver has been convicted of driving with no insurance for the first time, a fine will result in the amount of not less than $301, and not more than $1,002. Additionally, a driver must also perform community service for a certain period of time. In some municipal courts, the judge will often waive the community service for a first time offender. However, some stricter municipal court judges impose many community service hours on defendants if they drive without liability insurance.

For a second offense or any subsequent conviction, the penalties consist of fine of $502, plus $30 court costs. There is a mandatory jail sentence of 14 days. The court must also sentence the driver to 30 days of community service. In New Jersey, one day of community service is considered to be 6 hours long, so the community service sentence is really 180 hours.

Also, upon a second no insurance conviction, the defendant’s driver’s license must be suspended for two years. A driver who has been convicted a second time of driving without liability insurance does not automatically get their license back. The director of the DMV has the authority under N.J.S.A. 39:6B-2 to forever refuse to give the driver back his or her license, unless the driver can provide specific assurances that he or she will never again operate their vehicle without insurance.

Driving without liability insurance in New Jersey also has many collateral consequences. A driver must pay a $250 a year surcharge to DMV for three years. Moreover, a driver will be assessed 9 insurance eligibility points.These insurance eligibility points will make very expensive for any driver to obtain motor vehicle insurance.

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