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    your speed just to comply with the routine activities. In New Jersey, NJMVC has developed strict laws against traffic offenses. A speeding ticket of 1 to 14 miles over the cut off is a 2 point offense, a speeding ticket of 15 to 29 is a 4-point offense and a speeding ticket of 30 or more after the cut off is a 5-point offense. However, in the event that you damage traffic rules at the zones assigned as a protected hallway range or development zones fines will be multiplied. Officers who issue speeding tickets usually use radar to measure the speed of a vehicle. If you got a speeding ticket in NJ, it’s good to hire a speeding ticket lawyer who can deal with your case effectively.

    Fight or Pay the ticket?

    If you got a speeding ticket you will have to decide whether you want to fight or pay the ticket. If you paid the ticket or plead guilty your offense will be counted as a conviction on your driving record as a past offense committed by you and will surely impart effect on your insurance rates and license. So the best way to deal with your ticket is to fight against it. If you are searching for a speeding ticket lawyer in New Jersey, Stabile Law Firm, LLC is the best alternative for you. Our experienced lawyers know the players, the financial orders, the constantly changing laws and the procedures by which speeding ticket cases get resolved in the local municipal courts.

    The strategies of our speeding ticket lawyers are simple while dealing with these cases. Firstly, we ask the court about the witness. In any case, if the officer doesn’t show up, for any reason, you’re automatically out of the ticket. We also consult with the officer, if the officer is nervous about his case against you, he might let you off. Or if it also does not happen because of some reason, we have many other strategies for resolving the case. We can also help you in figuring out which charges you are prone to face and can give you a good defense in court with the goal that you can get a speeding driving charge reduced.