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  • Speeding Tickets

    Speeding Tickets in New Jersey

    Speeding Tickets are often issued by state troopers or local police officers who use radar to determine your traveling speed. Speeding Ticket LawyerSpeeding tickets and other motor vehicle offences accumulate points on your driving record. Our lawyers at the Stabile Law Firm wins fights against speeding tickets in NJ, even if you know or think you are guilty of speeding. Our law firm has represented over 100,000 cases for traffic ticket in the state of New Jersey (NJ) and the majority of those traffic violations were speeding tickets.

    In addition to this, our four (4) traffic ticket lawyers have over 50 years of combined experience winning and fighting speeding tickets in New Jersey. Speeding tickets are the most common type of traffic tickets issued in New Jersey, however, most of the time, multiple traffic tickets are issued in addition to the speeding ticket. The faster you go, the more points will be associated to your speeding ticket in NJ. Insurance companies count your speeding ticket points, along with points for some other traffic offenses. The number of points on your record will affect the level of your premiums. If you accumulate more than 8 points, it will be more expensive for you to buy insurance. The Stabile Law Firm provides the best defense attorneys to fight against your Speeding Tickets in New Jersey We are passionately committed to our clients’ needs.

    2 Point Speeding Tickets in NJ

    Exceeding maximum speed 1-14 mph over limit

    4 Point Speeding Tickets in NJ

    Exceeding maximum speed 15-29 mph over limit

    5 Point Speeding Tickets in NJ

    Exceeding maximum speed 30 mph or more over limit